An Oxygen called Customer and Revenue!

March 14, 2018 admin 1 comment

Oxygen is the key for life and survival. In start-up world, that oxygen can be in different forms -- initial users, first customer, some design breakthrough, some award or industry recognition, funding or revenue. Amongst many of the forms of oxygen mentioned, nothing’s better than a paid customer and revenue!

CherriPicking got that oxygen at the right time. We are delighted to share that we got a few paying and repeat customers. Some of these customers include a leading provider of solar power solutions, a funded apparel retail start-up, and a leading integrated marketing services company.

These are the moments in a start-up’s journey that gives you fuel or more importantly, oxygen, to survive and keep going in an otherwise difficult and challenging journey.

As we continue to keep striving and moving forward, we are hopeful to add more names to our customer list at the back of discussions that we are having with multiple organizations that has come to us as inbound leads. We are prepared to touch the double-digit customer reference mark soon and this has helped us open-up to reaching out the market with grit and fervor.

We are thankful to our initial customers who believed in us and our product and entrusted us with such a critical job of working with them to improve their hiring and bringing consistency & predictability in hiring and making it a science for them, initially to test and now as a proof of confidence in our model.

Hiring Right Fit -- What is it and why is it important?

We all know cost of wrong hiring is immense. Both, financial and non-financial. Yet, most of the organizations get it wrong. CherriPicking helps organizations reduce wrong fit hiring using computational psychology and bringing consistency & predictability in hiring.

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