Bring Predictability in Hiring Right Fit!

Right Fit with the culture and identity of the organization, thus ensuring Higher Return on Hiring Investment (ROHI) and a highly engaged employee, every time you hire. Learn more >


Making hiring a science

We are trying to solve a complex and familiar, yet overlooked problem of “Why a person who succeeded in one organization and one role didn’t do well in another organization or in a different role?”, combining psychology, data science and machine learning.


Bringing predictability in hiring “Right Fit” Candidate –- Right fit with the culture and identity of your organization


Bringing consistency in Return On Hiring Investment (ROHI) as a result of Right Fit hiring that ensures highly engaged employee


PERFECT* - The Science behind Personality and Culture Fit Prediction -- without surveys and questionnaire

  • CherriPicking predicts the culture fit of a candidate with that of the organization. This helps to eliminate cultural mismatch in hiring and ensuring a successful hire — warranting highly engaged employee, reduced attrition, team conflicts and increased return on hiring investment.
  • Our proprietary algorithm combines psychology, data science and machine learning to predict an organization’s culture & environment, on one hand, and to predict candidate’s preferences and fitment with the organization, on the other, and recommends the right fit candidate for your organization — all of it done without surveys or questionnaire.
  • Get fitment prediction at Company, Role, Boss and Team level.

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* PERsonality Fitment Estimation & Comprehension Tool (PERFECT)



RAMP* - Our cloud based recruitment lifecycle management platform that simplifies, candidate sourcing, recruitment process management and collaboration for hiring teams in real time.

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined Processes

Hiring is always a team task. Our flexible and feature rich hiring management application helps you manage the entire hiring process efficiently and effectively  while maintaining your sanity.

Create and Manage Users

Create and Manage Hiring Team

No more per user license fee or subscription fee with limited number of users. Create and manage any number of users to play the role of Hiring Manager, Interviewer or Recruiter.

Multiple Sourcing Options

Multiple Sourcing Options

One source fit all requirement may not work every time. Get to choose from multiple sourcing options and also use our spread the word feature to share job opening across various platforms to source faster.

Manage Multiple Conversation

Manage Multiple Conversation

Hiring being a team task, communication among all the team members during the process is extremely important. Manage all your conversations within the system to make it easier.

Real time Tracking

Real time Tracking

Different companies will have different recruitment strategies and hence it is important to track the progress in real time during the hiring process to re-assess on enhancing the recruitment strategy.

Get Dynamic Reports

Get Dynamic Reports

Reports are so important without which you can not get insight into your hiring efficiency and effectiveness to improve further. Get reports at a position level, team level or organization level.

* Recruitment Augmentation & Management Platform (RAMP)


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